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Capital Project and Space Allocation Committee (CaPS)

Capital Project: A capital project is (a) a new building, (b) building alterations, or (c) infrastructure investment that involves more than system improvements, e.g. space reorganization, expansion or conversion to new uses. Significant open space projects are also Capital Projects.

When a capital project is estimated to cost less than $10 million, it may be undertaken internally unless specialized services are required. The Capital Project and Space Allocation Committee (CaPS) is the approval mechanism for all infrastructure renewal projects costing between $100,000 and $10,000,000. CaPS is further responsible to review and assess all applications for space allocations, reorganization or changes of use. Capital project applications are reviewed by CaPS before receiving approved.

CaPS submits an annual report to Planning and Budget Committee of Governing Council summarizing all approved infrastructure renewal projects undertaken at the University of Toronto.

The CaPS meets on a monthly basis from September to June.

CaPS Forms