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The Chief’s Office

The University’s Tri-Campus lands and buildings form an essential part of the student experience. These assets are critical for achieving the University’s vision to be a leader among the world’s best public teaching and research universities in the discovery, preservation, and sharing of knowledge.

With over 215 buildings of which over 50 are either listed or designated as being of historic significance on 284 Hectares (700 acres) of land, 1.6 million gross square metres (17.1 million gross square feet) of facilities, space and holdings making the University one of the largest landowners in the Greater Toronto Area. The value of this land and buildings represents a huge portfolio – larger than many Real Estate Inventory Trusts (REITs).

The mandate of University Planning, Design & Construction (UPDC) is to integrate and coordinate across the areas of planning, project development, design and engineering, space management, and project management to deliver value and consistent levels of service for the University. This mandate is executed in co-ordination with University of Toronto Scarborough Design and Construction Management, and University of Toronto Mississauga Facilities Management and Planning. The department consists of three Directorates:

  • University Planning
  • Capital Projects
  • Project Development

To assess in more detail the types of services that UPDC offers institutionally and to divisions we invite you to browse through our Service Catalogue (PDF, 154KB)