Design Review Committee (DRC)

Renderings of projects presented at DRC


The Design Review Committee (“DRC” or “Committee”) advises the President or designate on the development of built form environments, in order to enable the University to implement its commitment to a level of excellence in this area comparable to that established for its academic activities.

The Committee is an advisory body. All parties involved in University development should be committed to excellence in the planning, design and construction of projects. Within this broad mandate, which includes a commitment to excellence in design, University staff, Academic Divisions and other user groups are obligated to focus on maintaining schedules and budgets, and on the delivery of required programs and functions. In this context, the role of the Committee is to highlight key design issues for the University, share expertise with staff and colleagues, and encourage others to act on their advice by clearly articulating strengths, weaknesses, and needed revisions to, designs and plans proposed for the University.

The Committee uses high standards in discharging its duties. The Committee primarily focuses on capital projects sufficiently large to require approval by Governing Council pursuant to the Policy on Capital Planning and Capital Projects. However, projects of lesser value that have a significant exterior design component or impact on public and open spaces, or historically listed or designated buildings, should also be reviewed by the Committee. All projects are assessed within the context of approved Master Plans, which will also be reviewed from time to time by the DRC.

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