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Campus Master Plans

The 2011 Master Plans for the University of Toronto campuses provide a framework for future development. They identify development potential within the defined boundaries of each campus while building on their strength that draw from unique campus environments having high quality buildings and open space.

Each plan serves as an update to its predecessor: the St. George Campus in 1994 (and accepted by the City of Toronto in 1997 to form the University of Toronto Area Plan), and in 2000 for each of the Scarborough and Mississauga campuses. The principles put forward in the plans have effectively guided the University in planning its facilities and grounds. As a result, in the past 15 years of significant expansion, the University has demonstrated leadership through construction of well planned buildings that enhance the campus environment. Moving forward, articulated plans for balanced development, outlined in the updated 2011 plans, will enable the University to achieve its goal for necessary physical expansion, fulfilling the academic mission to meet the future objectives identified in Towards 2030.

University Planning has prepared the master plans for St. George, and for the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) in consultation with faculty, staff and students on each campus. The master plan for the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) was prepared with the assistance of an external consultant, Urban Strategies, Inc. All three plans have benefited from numerous meetings with members of the University community, local neighborhood residence groups, Design Review Committee, and City of Toronto staff.

Planning principles identified under seven headings provide a framework to the master plans:

  • Campus Environment;
  • Land Use;
  • Massing;
  • Balanced Intensification;
  • Sustainability;
  • Heritage Preservation;
  • Accessibility

Widely accepted, they have been used to frame the proposed changes to the development envelopes and, for St. George campus, will support rezoning efforts required to make proposed changes.

Site and sector proposals identifying expansion, or development envelopes, are included within each plan.