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The Landmark Project - Current Project

Construction Type:  

New Construction


KPMB Architects / MVVA Inc. Landscape Architects


The Landmark Project encompasses the revitalization of the landscape in the historic core (Front and Back Campus, Hart House, Sir Dan’s, MSB); replacement of surface parking with a  below-grade structure (below the Front Campus Green).

The revitalization of the historic core of the campus through the creation of a master plan  addresses the concerns and ambitions of the Project Planning report which may be implemented in phases.

The project area, the core of the University of Toronto Campus, is centred on four distinct and interrelated open spaces: Front Campus (including King’s College Circle), Hart House Circle, the Sir Daniel Wilson Quadrangle, and the Back Campus (including Tower Road). In total, these spaces account for an area of approximately 89,000 m2 (including Galbraith Road). Additional to the scope outlined in Stage 1, the project boundary has been extended at the southeast corner include the Medical Sciences Building (MSB) Plaza, an additional 1,840 m2.

The Landmark Project is the most significant open space project at the University of Toronto in the past 100 years. Our plan, based on more than a year of public consultation, envisions dramatic reductions in surface parking in the historic core of campus and a stunning network of accessible, pedestrian-friendly spaces, unifying the University’s heritage grounds for the first time in decades. When completed, the space will once again serve as the thriving centre of campus, shaping and elevating the student experience.

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