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Jackman Institute of Child Study - Past Project



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New Construction


Taylor Smyth Architects


2016 – International Association of Laboratory Schools (IALS) Outstanding Laboratory School Award


  • Credit: Taylor Smyth Architects
  • Credit: Taylor Smyth Architects
  • Credit: Taylor Smyth Architects
  • Credit: Taylor Smyth Architects
  • Credit: Taylor Smyth Architects
  • Credit: Taylor Smyth Architects


Under the auspices of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, the Jackman Institute is well known for hosting unparalleled collaborations in service of education excellence. As a leader in pedagogical research and early learning, the Jackman Institute was given the 2016 Outstanding Laboratory School Award.

“The Jackman ICS lab school is known for its innovative and integrated approach to applying the latest research evidence to ensuring leading-edge teaching and learning,” said Richard Messina, Principal at the Jackman Institute. “Partnerships among and between students, teachers, parents, professors and diverse community partners are among the keys to its success.”

The Jackman Institute’s Director, Clare Kosnik, also emphasized that “our shared space supports collaboration, mutual learning, and bridging research and practice. This interplay among and between our programs opens up possibilities for learning, growth and fun.”

University of Toronto President Meric Gertler provided important historical context: “The opening of this wonderful complex will reinforce the standing of the Institute and OISE as world leaders in multidisciplinary research and teaching on education. And it will extend the great tradition of leadership in childhood education that began here in 1925, with Dr. William Blatz and his trailblazing work in developmental psychology. That tradition has had a profound influence – on research, on the practice of teaching and on public policy across Ontario and around the world.”

“The Jackman Institute has not only provided an essential place of learning and experience for prospective teachers; it has furthered our understanding of child development, lifting schools here in Toronto and across Canada,” said the University’s Chancellor, the Honourable Michael Wilson.