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Space Inventory

University Planning maintains a data base of information for all buildings on the three campuses of the University of Toronto, as well as the federated and affiliation institutions. The space inventory is linked to digital reference floor plans and records area and use information for all rooms within a building as well as tracking building age, historical designation, etc. The space is categorized using the space classification system developed by the Council of Ontario Universities and is consistent with the methodology used by all the universities in the Ontario system. The data is used for:

  • tracking the utilization of universities facilities
  • space planning exercises
  • budget models analysis
  • block grant agreements with affiliated institutions
  • sustainability studies
  • utilities
  • insurance
  • deferred maintenance
  • classroom bookings

The Space Inventory maintains data on 1,695,000 gross square metres (18.2 million gross square feet) in over 250 buildings.

Location # Buildings Net Assignable Square Metres
(NASM – classrooms, labs, offices, etc.)
Gross Square Metres
(GSM – incl. circulation, mechanical, exterior, etc.)
St. George 122 619,915 1,178,758
UTM 48 97,388 185,475
UTSC 35 71,825 130,506
Off Campus 4 8,078 12,929
Federated & Affiliated 48 98,129 187,019
Total 257 895,336 1,694,685


Space Inventory Pie Chart